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Folk For Folk's Sake Big News

Folk For Folk's Sake has had time off, but is back. So, what is the big news you may ask. I have relaunched and rebranded.

It's been some time since a new show was released and I have a so much music to share I decided I needed to come back with more than before and I hope you will enjoy what we have for you.

The all new Folk For Folk's Sake is now streaming 24/7. You can hear lots of great music from lots of very talented singer songwriters, musicians and bands, signed but mostly unsigned, from all over the world.

This relaunch of Folk For Folk's Sake sees new branding, new music, new ideas. With this will be the new format of shows. Shows will be released on a weekly basis, Thursday evening. If you miss a show you will be able to catch up on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Podbean, TuneIn and hopefully iTunes.

Folk For Folk's Sake is completely voluntary and has no income, therefore sponsorships are not available. It is brought to you out of mutual interest in folk music and the pleasure of sharing such talented artists from the folk scene.

Watch this space. A brand new show will go out on February 18th and every Thursday thereafter. Not wanting to confuse anybody, February 18th is not a Thursday, but this will be the pilot show. Please tune in.

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